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All The Living and The Dead



A brilliant character study full of atmosphere and fully developed characters. An optimistic story illustrating that inspiration and motivation can come from the least expected places. A truly enjoyable book. -- lovejoy


There are four main things I am looking for in a book.
1) Character development
2) Readability
3) Story
4) How the story unfolds

I think Mr. Kenyon did a first rate job with respect to each of these. Further his prose was excellent in describing people, places, and contexts; it had a poetic feel. To top everything off, it was optimistic, yet not overly flowery. I think he hit a home run. -- Wizard of a Thousand Kings


All The Living and The Dead was a true joy to read. It did start out a little slow, but it grabbed your attention and kept you in.  The characters were real people with conflicting ideas and emotions. I was very sad when I finished the book. -- Barbara


All The Living and The Dead kept my interest until the very end! The storyline was so different than any of the other books I have read in the past. It was an easy read, really enjoyed it! -- Barb G.

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